Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Sacred Privilege

The bearing and rearing of children is a great sacred privilege and responsibility that I take very seriously.

That's why it makes me feel literally sick to my stomach to think of all the children who are born to parents who abuse and neglect them.

That's why it makes me feel so upset to think of all the children who are raised by homosexual couples who are gratifying their own selfish interests and not putting the best interests of the child first.

That's why I feel sad when I hear about and see all the children who are born to parents who are not married and/or are young teenagers.

I want to bring as many spirits into this world as I can to bring up righteously, in a home where the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is present and the holy priesthood is there.

I hope that I still can bring another spirit into the world. I don't know yet how things will work out. But I feel very strongly on this issue and very sad at the condition of the world in regards to the bearing and rearing of children.

I am grateful to have been able to bring four spirits into the world already.

*my daughter at 3 months


Jackie said...

Look how pretty that baby is! WOW!

Stacy said...

I'm saying this with lots of love, but please be careful about your judgements. Wouldn't you rather have a child raised by two loving parents than by a single parent, or be in the foster care system? While we view homosexuality as a sin, there are many many gay parents out there who are wonderful, stable, nurturing parents to their children.

Royalbird said...

They may be stable and nurturing, but it is still not a good environment to raise a child in. Most single moms are not single by choice. And I do feel badly for all the children in foster care because their real parents don't take care of them well. But think about the ETERNAL ramifications of a child in a home with homosexual parents. About sealings and eternal families. How is that all going to work? Even if the parents eventually accept the gospel, they can't be sealed to each other. I highly doubt homosexual marriage is permitted in heaven. So then which parent gets to have that child sealed to them. Don't you see? It's a very grave mistake with very serious eternal consequences.


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