Sunday, May 23, 2010

Old Magazines

I have tons of old magazines that I can't seem to throw away. I probably should recycle them, but our neighborhood doesn't participate in the city's recycling program. I'm not sure why we don't, or how we could get involved with it, but we are only tenants here anyway. So I guess we have to go through all the magazines and take them to a recycling center.

My problem is that I feel like I'm throwing away lots of information when I toss magazines. We have political magazines, church magazines, parenting magazines, and wildlife magazines for the kids. We also get the magazines that our individual universities put out to alumni, which generally only come about 4 times a year. I also get the magazine specific to my college that I graduated from.

I read the parenting magazines right when they come. Although I haven't renewed my subscription since it expired in December. I figure that most of the ideas the magazines have are just recycled and reused over and over and I don't really get much new information with each issue, although they are fun to read.

I don't always read the alumni magazines. I haven't really looked at the kids' wildlife magazines either, which was only a one-year subscription and has expired. The church magazines are completely accessible online, so I often wonder why I pay $18/month to have them. I read the Ensign cover to cover when it comes, but my husband doesn't ever look at it and my kids don't ever look at the Friend unless I force them to during Sacrament Meeting.

So why do I hang onto all these magazines? I don't like tossing them. I do usually go through them once a year and get rid of the past year's issues, but not until after re-reading every single issues to make sure I'm not throwing anything very valuable away and then I'll pull out pages or copy ideas for my files if there's anything good that I think I can't live without.

Does anyone else have this problem? Or something similar that they can't seem to clear away?


swedemom said...

I only keep a year's worth of the Ensign. Although I keep the conference issues, because I like having a hard copy.
The only other magazines I keep forever are my scrapbooking magazines, because I find it useful to keep them. I'm always referring to previous issues.

Emily said...

I totally have the same problem! I've gotten better about throwing out any regular subscriptions after I read them. If there's something in there that I really want to keep, I rip it out to save, otherwise, I've started chucking them. The Ensign are the ones I have a hard time getting rid of. I have YEARS of Ensigns just sitting in my office. I've thought about throwing them away since I can get them online, but I feel guilty every time, so there they sit!

Royalbird said...

My parents have all the Ensigns dating back to the 70's, at least they did. They may have gotten rid of them finally. You used to be able to buy "Ensign binders" from the distribution center (maybe you still can) and put one year's worth of them in a binder. My parents had them all lined up on a shelf in our house in South Jordan when I was a teenager. That's the last time I saw them, but I moved out at that point.


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